Album Design for Professional Photographers

Selecting the right album style for your clients

There are a lot of different options out there when it comes to album companies and their different styles of books – it can definitely be overwhelming.

In this video, I describe the differences between a press-printed book, a flushmount album and a fine art museum paper book.

I’d like to note that I made some errors while blabbing on – the VisionArt Original book can accommodate 90 PAGES, which is 45 spreads (I said 90 spreads). Also, I mentioned that the flushmount albums are mounted to masonite – I cannot confirm this for all companies but it is what came out of my mouth so I apologize if the material I mentioned is wrong.

Also, please disregard the not-so-good sound quality of this video. I don’t claim to be a videographer in any respect (which is why I hired one for my own profile video). This video is just done with my super awesome Flip camera.

And without further ado, the feature presentation!

For some technical info about the different printing processes, please follow these links:

  1. Press Printed Process
  2. Vision Art’s fine art, museum quality paper with archival inksAlso a more in depth review of VisionArt books
  3. Flushmount Albums

A special thank you to Julie Butler for allowing me to use three of her sample albums as well as her beautiful studio.